Setup development environment for MSCRM


Dynamics CRM & Development practices – 1

Want to start dirtying your hands on customizing Dynamics CRM, you have landed at the right place.

Spin-up your trial instance

You can select a specific app, like sales or service or you can custom install all. Max trial duration is 90 days. Installation link here.

Download Dynamic CRM SDK

Microsoft provides a heavy documentation in and around Dynamics CRM. Along with the sample code, tools like plugin registration it comes with a lot of handy other things like visual studio templates for modular programming. Download it here.

Download and set up Visual Studio

You are all set to start coding, OOPS, you need a code editor tool and what’s better than VS.

Download the latest VS from here, recommended VS 2015 or get ready to do some tweaks in the CRM toolkit versioning.

Setup CRM toolkit for Visual Studio

Microsoft Dynamics provides a modular way of programming for standard development and easy deployment.

  • For CRM customizations and writing web resources like below, you can download the download the template from here.
    • HTML,
    • Javascript
    • Plugins
    • Custom Workflows
  • This helps to follow the ALM process and recommended quality gates. In your local SDK install you can find the template file -CRMSDKTemplates.vsix here (SDK\Templates), just double click and install.

In case you are using VS 2017 for D365, you would need to tweak the VSIX file as below:

  • Go to the location where you have downloaded the CRM developer tools.vsix file.

  • Unzip the file using 7zip and open the extension.vsixmanifest file in any editor.
  • Original version support is 14.0 as can be seen below which is equivalent to VS 2015. 
  • Modify the version to 15.0 which is an equivalent of VS 2017
  • Save, zip all the contents back again and rename the extension to vsix. Double click and install, CRM package template is available for your VS 2017 now. (During installation, the package will throw a warning for support of VS 2017, press okay and proceed)

Happy Coding!!


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